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OM crystal jewelry has its roots in the love of crystals and connectedness. OM is a mother-daughter collaboration that brings high-quality crystals to our Blair County community.

Kelsi Bergmann the owner and proprietor has been following in her mother’s footsteps in crystal connectedness and provides the high energy and enthusiasm to provide the many beautiful stone bracelets which OM creates. Kelsi personally creates each crystal bracelet infused with love and care for all of our OM customers. Kelsi’s light-hearted personality is a magnet for kids and when she is around children she is at her best.

Kelly Reese, the founder of OM crystal jewelry has been a natural medicine enthusiast for over 30 years. Kelly is also a registered nurse where she has been caring for others for over 15 years. Kelly strongly believes in the mind, body, and spirit connection and finds her grounding at OM.

Every day we strive to enlighten others with our crystals and most importantly love!

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